Fires can happen at any time, often without warning, so it’s essential to have effective fire protection in place that can keep people and property safe from flames and smoke – such as fire curtains.

A fire curtain is a specially designed roller curtain made from heat-resistant materials, like woven fibreglass and steel, that should be able to withstand the conditions of a fire for at least 30 minutes.

Fire safety should be taken very seriously, and as suppliers and installers of robust curtains and shutters at Roller Shutter UK, we’re here to share the benefits of installing fire curtains to protect your business.

1) Slow the spread of fire

The biggest advantage of fire curtains is that they help to contain fires, slowing or preventing flames from spreading through a building for as long as possible and reducing the extent of the blaze. 

These curtains descend from above openings when activated by a fire alarm signal to seal off an area. They form a fire barrier that cuts off the fire’s access to oxygen beyond the curtain, so it can’t travel through.

2) Maintain an escape route

By blocking off the passage of fire, the other side of the fire curtain should remain clear for up to 30 minutes, providing a clear escape route. Every second counts in a fire, so these curtains buy precious time for safe evacuation.

They can also help to provide safer access for firefighters, who can extinguish the flames more easily when they are contained to a smaller part of the building – resulting in a controlled response instead of a catastrophe.

3) Reduce property damage

Saving lives takes priority in a serious emergency like a fire, but preventing property damage is also important. By compartmentalising flames, fire curtains do both, limiting the damage to as small an area as possible.

This helps to minimise the destruction that can be caused by heat and smoke from the fire and water from the fire brigade putting it out. Thereby maintaining structural integrity and reducing recovery time and repair costs.

4) Easy to use and maintain

Operating much like a roller shutter, fire curtains are easy to release and retract, and can be remotely programmed to deploy automatically through a fire control panel. Of course, they should also have a manual back-up.

They are relatively low-maintenance pieces of equipment, but to ensure their reliability in a real emergency and comply with fire safety regulations, they require regular testing and professional servicing every 6 months.

5) Comply with safety regulations

Whether they are installed in commercial, industrial, or residential settings, fire curtains must comply with strict rules set by the government and safety organisations in the UK and Europe to ensure their effectiveness in a fire.

Certified fire curtains manufactured, installed, and maintained in compliance with British Standards, Building Regulations, the Fire Safety Order, and the Health and Safety at Work Act provide peace of mind and avoid legal penalties.

6) Integrate with building design

Looks are low on the list of considerations when it comes to installing fire safety measures, but they are still a factor when choosing which design and installation method to use – especially in older buildings with historical value.

A fire curtain is a slim and discreet option compared to a bulkier shutter, allowing you to integrate them more easily with less disruption to the interior aesthetics. So you don’t have to compromise on fire safety or visual appeal.

Order bespoke fire curtains

It’s obvious that fire curtains are beneficial safety measures for all kinds of properties, so why not protect yours with a bespoke fire curtain from Roller Shutter UK? We have the expertise and customisation options to fit a compliant fire curtain system that suits your needs.

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