Fire-Rated Curtains

There are many ways to include fire mitigation measures for building safety – alarms and sprinklers aren’t enough by themselves, but if you want to be able to limit the spread of flames throughout the premises, fire curtains can help.

These fire-resistant barriers can be deployed to close off door openings or compartmentalise larger open spaces where flames could otherwise spread through them quickly.

At Roller Shutter UK, we can supply and install fire-rated curtains as part of your fire safety system to help maintain escape routes and limit fire damage to your property.

Fire Safety Curtains

Much like shutters, fire curtain systems work by rolling the curtain up into a headbox or concealed fitting when not in use, and they can be automated to descend from the ceiling or over an opening when signalled by the activation of a fire or smoke alarm.

Guided into place by vertical channels to form a stable fire barrier, the curtain should be able to withstand flames for long enough to allow people in the building to evacuate and the emergency services to arrive and tackle the fire before it spreads further.

Being slimmer and more flexible than shutter doors, fire curtains from Roller Shutter UK are ideal for internal installations, including exits, stairwells, and open plan floors.

RSFS1 Fire Shutters installed in a Canteen

Fire Curtain Installation

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High-Quality Fire Curtains

Lightweight and unobtrusive, fire curtains can be discreetly fitted in a wider variety of internal applications than bulkier shutters. They are constructed by weaving fibreglass filaments into a fabric, which can be made even stronger by inter-weaving metal filaments, such as steel or aluminium.

Their resistance can be increased further to create fire-retardant curtains by applying a non-toxic polymer coating to each side of the material. This keeps the curtain pliant enough to be rolled while improving its ability to hold back heat, flames, and smoke for longer.

While they are expertly engineered and carefully tested, fire curtains are not as effective as thicker shutters, so if you are required by law to achieve higher levels of fire integrity, you may need fire shutters instead. Otherwise, fire-rated curtains should have the capacity to withstand 600°C–1,000°C temperatures for 30 minutes at a minimum.

For more information on the technical specifications of our fire curtains, please reach out to the team at Roller Shutter UK.

Order Bespoke Fire Curtains

When you need to improve your fire mitigation methods to meet the proper safety standards, our fire-rated curtains and smoke curtains can be adapted to suit your system – work with Roller Shutter UK and we’ll supply a made-to-order fire curtain solution.

Our fire safety curtains can be implemented in commercial and industrial buildings, and even residential properties if necessary. We can also help with maintaining or replacing existing curtains, so don’t hesitate to enquire about how we can assist you.

Whether you would like to request the technical data for our curtains, place an order, or schedule maintenance, you can contact us on 0800 328 9356 or at to speak to our helpful team.

Fire Shutters in industrial and commercial applications, 75mm - 1 Hour Fire Rated shutter installed

Fire Rated Curtains

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