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In the event of a fire, hot smoke can circulate toxic gases through the air, spreading through buildings faster than the flames. Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of fire-related deaths, so it’s essential to include smoke barriers in passive fire protection measures.

At Roller Shutter UK, we supply smoke curtains for use as barriers against the dangerous spread of smoke – containing the gases as much as possible and channelling them towards ventilation systems for extraction, which can help people to escape to safety.

Smoke Control System

As hot air rises, smoke tends to move upwards and creep along ceilings, finding its way from one space to another through high openings. That’s why a smoke curtain can be a crucial safety element in areas that need to be compartmentalised to stop the smoke from travelling between them.

Smoke curtains can be automated to descend partway when activated by an alarm, keeping smoke at bay towards the ceiling while leaving an escape route open towards the floor, and programmed to close completely when higher levels of smoke are detected.

Whether it’s for an atrium or corridor, a roof space or balcony, Roller Shutter UK can supply and fit smoke curtains that can help to keep evacuation routes safe from spreading smoke.

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Smoke Curtain Installation

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High-Quality Smoke Barriers

Despite being robust, our smoke curtains are slim and lightweight, and highly adaptable for a range of applications as part of a smoke protection system. They can be installed discreetly with mostly concealed fittings, even if there is low headroom.

The stiff fabric of a smoke curtain is made from woven glass and supported with steel parts, usually with a non-porous polymer coating on both sides to help it withstand heat and hold back the smoke for longer. This ensures the curtain is tough and stable while remaining flexible.

As they are designed to hold back gases, not flames, smoke curtains have lower integrity ratings than fire curtains – but they should be able to withstand temperatures up to at least 600°C for a minimum of 30 minutes when activated.

To find out more about product specifications and compliance with safety standards, please contact the Roller Shutter UK team.

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We always aim to provide the best smoke curtain solutions at Roller Shutter UK, liaising with our customers to supply bespoke smoke curtains that meet the specific needs of each property – so contact us to get your order started.

Whether it’s commercial, industrial, or even residential, we can adapt our products and services to a range of premises. Should you need maintenance checks and repairs or a replacement smoke curtain, we also offer these services, too.

For more information on our smoke curtain systems, to request a competitively priced quote, or arrange maintenance works, please call us on 0800 328 9356. You can also reach us by email at

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